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hehehe [06 Sep 2001|10:08am]
[ mood | confused ]

i just yelled at joe for not posting in his journal in almost a month but i have not posted in here in like forever... i am silly i need to use this one more too. i have yet to decied what i want to use this journal for. umm maybe i will use it for poetry....or prose.... or i dunno help what shoudl i use this one for???

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i love it wheni can't read [24 Aug 2001|01:37pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

ggggggrrrrrrr i hate not being able to read my friends page or my recent entries or do anytihng but post and tehn not be able to read it....stop being a jerk lj... i mean come on it is sad enough that my world practically revolevs around you and me and all my friends plan out posts and such the least you could do is work for us we are like the most reg. customers you have fo friggin work.i was being nice until an hour later when i still couldn't do anything.... i am beggin please work!!

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i fail [24 Aug 2001|01:01pm]
so i started this journal like wednesday or something and this is the first time i have posted... what is wrong with me?? i haven't quite decided what i am going to use this journal for yet if it is just gonna be like an alternating thing or if i am going to use it for like specific subjects... i dunno but i wanted to post in it so... here it is.
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